donderdag 8 september 2011

Back from Sweden and Denmark

Hi darlings,
Sorry i didn't post anything sooner, but i didn't have any time!

I got home tuesday evening after one week of shopping in Sweden and Denmark. Shopping was the only thing that could make me happy there. Because honestly; a vacation with only your parents., well fun isn't going to happen then!

So lucky for me, i shopped 6 from 7 days :) The last day of my vacation i saw a friend of mine who i met in Croatia, that was the best day of this week, altough i didn't shop.

Picture 1; Leaving in the boat
Picture 3; Being bored haha
Picture 5; Going to the Hard Rock Cafe with my parents!
Picture 6; In the town of my friend with shopping bags hehe
Picture 7; A giant glass of coke!

Tuesday i had to get my books at school, and they told us we've got one week of extra vacation! There was found some chemical stuff in school and now we aren't able to come there, lucky us! Only one problem; next week when we do have to go to school, we have to drive 20 km to get to the building where we get our lessons now. So i hope i don't have to drive all that way on my bike!

lots of love!

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  1. oh))
    i was in Sweden and Denmark also this summer)) I like it and want also to Holland))
    be my reader- I would be happy ;)

  2. nice pics!!

  3. Leuke foto's. Ik wil ooit nog een keer naar Zweden en Denemarken :)


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